Everything you need to know about this blog

Hey there, how are we today? Let me introduce myself, I’m Jônatas Aimbiré, and by that you can probably guess why this blog is called ‘aimbire.com’. I’m a 28 year old Brazilian guy that consider myself to be kind of unlucky since I was born at December 26th, and I know what you are thinking: “So you got only on present on Christmas?” Not exactly, and usually when I got only one, I couldn’t complain about it. Honestly the only thing that bums me out about this date is that people are usually always away when the date comes, so I never got to experience people celebrating my birthday at school.

What can you expect from this blog?

Since I’m a Brazilian, you can expect a lot of Portuguese written content, but also all sort of stuff. Everyday I have a short period of time that it’s fully dedicated into writing/reading, so what you can expect is that my posts will be ways that I’m expressing myself in written form. The frequency that you can expect some of these texts will be scheduled and described below, but the theme of it will be completely random, although most of the texts will be romantic ones, because I still belive that the most important part in the life of anyone is love, I’ll also post about a variety of subjects, music, gaming, movies, travel plans or memories, you name it.

This is in fact a personal blog, so there is no commercial purposes here, only sharing thoughts and experiences will go, forget about seeing ads or anything here. But if for any reason whatsoever I decide to share a piece of work that is not mine, it will be credited for sure, because we all have our share of people and things that inspire each and everyone of us.

You told about a schedule, what is it?

— Last updated in March 2nd, 2015

Although I could post any day of out randomness, there will be some scheduled posts going around here:

  • EverydayDaily Diaa song picked out of random, — with lyrics — that I’m either enjoying, or just can’t get out of my head.
  • Weekdays – Anecdotes, which are what they sound like. Some short stories, or thoughts, that may, or may not be written by myself.
  • Weekends –  Novelsshort stories divided into chapters, these will be about any theme, and all written by myself.

So yeah, that’s it, thank you for your time reading this, and I hope you enjoy this blog.